Saturday, February 14, 2009

Derek & Karen's Wedding - Valentines Day!

Congratulations to Derek & Karen Rowe! They were married today! Valentines Day! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

As we were all following them up the snowy and wet stairway on the outside of the Bountiful Temple, I happened to notice that Karen had on beautiful Cinderella shoes. As she and Derek were trying to keep her dress from getting wet and dirty, the shoes kept peeking out and I quickly snapped this candid shot. A lucky shot.

I have to laugh at this picture because it is actually over-exposed. When I saw it at home, I thought... "I need to put a white vignette on this one to make it look more like Heaven.

When I pull my camera out, my sweet daughter says "take a picture of me daddy". Well, here it is... My little princess!

I am grateful that my kids are so willing to just stop and pose for me whenever I say "stop". It was quite a snowy day and the trees and bushes had lots of white fluf on them which makes for a beautiful, natural backdrop.

The new Mr & Mrs Derek & Karen Rowe's grand presentation!

My wife does not like to pose for the camera, but I always love these quick shots I get. I really love her eyes in this shot!

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Clark Siler said...

Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures!