Tuesday, June 30, 2009

J.M.B. Family Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from the second photo shoot last night. Another cute family with lots of hugs and kisses and smiles to share!

I had a lot of fun capturing this little guy's personality. He has sucha cute smile!

You have heard me say it before, and I will say it again, but I love to catch these tender moments. Can't you just feel the love?




I had some fun applying different styles to this photo.



Monday, June 29, 2009

J.J.R. Photo Shoot

Tonight was a great night! I had two more photo shoots with 2 CUTE families! Both families were very natural and I was able to get quite a few incredible shots. Here is a teaser for the J.J.R. family. Enjoy!





These last two pictures fulfilled a photography dream of mine. I have been striving to get that crisp sparkle in the eyes! I LOVE this little guys eyes! They are AWESOME!

More to come later...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

J.J.S. Family - Sugar Factory Photo Shoot

Ok, here are some more pictures from the J.J.S. Photo Shoot.

These tender sweet moments are so fun to catch.



I had fun following this little guy around just snapping pictures and waiting for him to turn and look at the camera. This was one of those moments.



This last picture is a sample of the different styles that can be applied to pictures. Some styles can be combined to create some unique and exciting looks.

To see more pictures from this photo shoot, please visit my Flickr account.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

J.J.S. Photo Shoot Teaser

I don't have a lot of time right now, but here is a teaser for the J.J.S. family... Enjoy!




More to come later!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you for the great response!

I just wanted to tell you all thank you for the great response on my offer to do free photo shoots. I am booked for the next several weeks. Those individuals I have spokem to know who they are. I will still be taking requests for more photo shoots only I will charge $40 for a one hour session, any number of people, AND I will give you a CD with your pictures and full ownership and duplication rights. Prints cost extra, but they are at cost (from .20 - 3.00 for 4X6 to 8X10 respectively).

Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail (my e-mail address is in the information section to the right). Both ways will be sent directly to me.

B.S.M. Family - Sugar Factory Photo Shoot

Here is the next installment of my marathon photo shoot week (don't get me wrong, I love doing the photo shoots, but 4 in one week is a lot for me and my busy schedule). I really love shooting at the Sugar Factory. There are so many different spots to get great shots. Pretty much I can work all the way around the buildings during any time of day (avoiding the really light sides at various times of the day).

Enough talking... Bring on the collection!

I just love this spot. The particle board just brings so much color and personality to any picture. Of course, the cute smiles and brightly colored shirts really add a lot of personality. Look at the smile on the older boy (in the green shirt), he has some cute dimples. I heard stories that the girls love his dimples!

I love the little, partial smile this guy can dish out! He is quite the model. He can strike a pose with ease.



When ever I take a family over to the blue fence, the boys immediately run over and start climbing. They love to climb all over it and explore the nooks & crannys. These two boys are born adventure seekers (much to their mother's dismay). They looked in every hole and crack. I even have some photos (maybe I will post in the future) of the little guy finding a loose brick in the white wall and pulling it out and looking into the building. It was a cute picture. Don't miss the zoom in of those dimples on the last one!




I just love the rust spots on the white washed walls of this building. I also love how these boys are looking at their mother. You can tell they really love her AND love to be WITH her! These guys were so fun to work with. They were always smiling and happy. I am glad I was able to capture those memories for them to keep forever!

These next few photos are the same, except I have changed the style to show the family some of the various styles I can apply to their pictures. If you can imagine it, I can photoshop it. If you want noise, or texture, more color, less color, sun spots, I can do it.

This one is plain black & white.

This one has a more vintage look & feel.

I reached this effect by using the "Pioneer Woman's Action" called "Heartland".

Here is the regular one with out any actions applied to it. Pretty cool! I just love that particle board and the kids bright shirts.

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment and this awesome family! As always, I love to hear your comments.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

M.A.F. Family - Sugar Factory

Here is a teaser of the fantastic and fun photo shoot I had this morning with this wonderful family (just in case you are wondering, I am using initials in the title instead of names). They were so fun and energetic. As you can see from these pictures, I didn't have any problems getting good photographs! They sure are cute!


We started off by taking some pictures of the kids. This little darling has a smile that can melt Antarctica.


This little guy loves to explore and make his sister laugh by sneezing. It was so funny to watch. He would do some fake sneezes and she would giggle her heart out.

Of course we had to get a few with just mom & dad. They had a lot of fun "striking poses". Then, mom started laying the kisses on dad. That is when it got really fun.

There it is. SWAK!

The thing I love about this casual urban style photography is that when the kids need a change or some entertainment, just do it! Dad had the great idea to give daughter a shoulder ride!




As you can tell from the photographs above, this family loves to be together. They naturally have fun and look happy together.

This picture shows many of the syles I can apply to any picture. This is certainly not all of the styles. If we want to get creative, we could make up any style! Black & White, Sepia, Vignette, Colorized, Seventies, Heartland, Soft & Faded, Loveley & Etherial and many more.

I have several more pictures at my Flickr account that I didn't put on this blog. If you want to see them, just go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/photostudiob/

Sorry it is so late guys! I hope you enjoy it. I will burn you a CD and let you review them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sugar Factory Photo Shoot

Well, we did it. We finally took some time and went over to the Sugar Factory to take some pictures. There was a lot of preparation before hand. I also didn't know if it was going to happen since we have had some pretty severe rain storms nearly every day for the past 2 weeks straight!

I have to preface this entry with the fact that it was getting late and it was cloudy. Most of these pictures were taken with an ISO of 1600 which makes them a little bit grainy. I would have like to have more crispness, but you do with the light that you have I guess.

With that said, here come the pictures... (Warning - Long blog with lots of pictures)




The kids had a blast climbing all over these old buildings and exploring. They also enjoyed doing different poses. I think this was the most fun we have ever had doing a photo shoot. Hopefully we will be going back on Saturday to do my Sister-in-law and her family (yipee - more fun pictures to post).

The thing I love about the "Urban Style" photography is that candid shots are usually the best. Getting pictures of the kids wandering around, talking, laughing, looking away are always the best. I love it when I get surprised like the one above. I love her laugh. It just radiates from this picture. The other thing that is good about the "Urban Style" is that you are not forcing kids to pose and smile. You know how it goes... "Sit up, smile... not like that... I swear, if you cry one more time... stop hitting..." That is typical with formal studio shots. I know, I was a Lifetouch photographer and had to get kids to laugh while they were crying.



These next two were actually taken by my daughter. We let the kids play with the camera just for fun and she actually took some amazing pictures. I think I might hire her on a regular basis.


This one (above) was really fun. I climbed up on the wall on a ledge and held on to the walls on each side. My wife turned around and looked up and I took advantage of the opportunity to steal some kisses. Fortunately my daughter got a great shot.

Again, another candid shot that just turned out great.

I love my wife's eyes in this one! That is what I usually focus on when I am looking through the viewfinder. Unfortunately, the sun was gone, so you can't really see the "catch light" in her eyes. That really makes it an incredible picture when you can see the "catch light".

I love this corner with the ivy growing and the paint coming off the bricks. It has so much personality. I actually took two pictures to get the heigth & width (up & down) .

This picture shows just how much fun we had. The kids had been climbing up this small stepladder and I grabbed them both and threw them on my shoulders. They were laughing hysterically. It was fun!


The particle board in this picture turned out really cool. We didn't even think anything of it until we got back and reviewed the pictures. Next time I do a photo shoot at the Sugar Factory I will be sure to get more here. I love the contrast.

My wife wanted to get some with me in the picture. This is obviously one that she took. I love how the texture on the metal walls has so much contrast. The composition of this is pretty incredible.

Here are the steps I mentioned earlier. They were actually tipped over and partially buried. My son & I pulled it out of the dirt and put it up against the wall. I will be sure to use it each time I take pictures here. This is another picture where I took the normal level, and then took a picture above the subject to get more texture (wall) in the picture. There is always so much character in these old buildings.

I'm not sure if this is considered a diptych, a series or a storyboard. Either way, I thought it was so fun to show my daughter skipping down this piece of railway. It was actually her idea to do this.



The one above was pretty random. I was taking pictures of my wife and my kids hopped up on the wall several feet away from her and I decided to adjust my angle to include them. This picture turned out AWESOME! Just to let you know, I have incredible Photoshop skills (sorry to brag). The reason why I mention this is because my wife had a strap from her shirt hanging between her legs onto the concrete. It looked pretty odd and nearly ruined the picture. I decided to save the picture and remove the strap. This same strap haunted about 6 other pictures, but now it is gone! Thank heaven for Photoshop!

Since we were using the 10 second timer on my camera, this shot was really hard to get. I had to take quite a few. My wife and I kept re-positioning everyone so that it looked good. We had to run up to the camera in between each shot.


More pictures where I had to make the strap disappear! Poof! Magic! Gone!


Well, that is it for now. You can always check my Flickr account to see the pictures without dictation.

As always, if you are interested in seeing a photo at a higher resolution or if you would like your pictures taken, just let me know.


You can pick the location, or I can suggest them. You can have as many people in the picture as I can fit into my lense! Leave a comment requesting a photo shoot or call me at 801-652-3213.