Monday, June 22, 2009

B.S.M. Family - Sugar Factory Photo Shoot

Here is the next installment of my marathon photo shoot week (don't get me wrong, I love doing the photo shoots, but 4 in one week is a lot for me and my busy schedule). I really love shooting at the Sugar Factory. There are so many different spots to get great shots. Pretty much I can work all the way around the buildings during any time of day (avoiding the really light sides at various times of the day).

Enough talking... Bring on the collection!

I just love this spot. The particle board just brings so much color and personality to any picture. Of course, the cute smiles and brightly colored shirts really add a lot of personality. Look at the smile on the older boy (in the green shirt), he has some cute dimples. I heard stories that the girls love his dimples!

I love the little, partial smile this guy can dish out! He is quite the model. He can strike a pose with ease.



When ever I take a family over to the blue fence, the boys immediately run over and start climbing. They love to climb all over it and explore the nooks & crannys. These two boys are born adventure seekers (much to their mother's dismay). They looked in every hole and crack. I even have some photos (maybe I will post in the future) of the little guy finding a loose brick in the white wall and pulling it out and looking into the building. It was a cute picture. Don't miss the zoom in of those dimples on the last one!




I just love the rust spots on the white washed walls of this building. I also love how these boys are looking at their mother. You can tell they really love her AND love to be WITH her! These guys were so fun to work with. They were always smiling and happy. I am glad I was able to capture those memories for them to keep forever!

These next few photos are the same, except I have changed the style to show the family some of the various styles I can apply to their pictures. If you can imagine it, I can photoshop it. If you want noise, or texture, more color, less color, sun spots, I can do it.

This one is plain black & white.

This one has a more vintage look & feel.

I reached this effect by using the "Pioneer Woman's Action" called "Heartland".

Here is the regular one with out any actions applied to it. Pretty cool! I just love that particle board and the kids bright shirts.

I hope you enjoyed this latest installment and this awesome family! As always, I love to hear your comments.

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