Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Printing

I just signed up with for my professional photography printing. They are VERY HIGH quality and very fast! I was impressed with the quality and speed. I had my five 8x10 test prints on my doorstep in 2 days. I have lots of options from photo books, christmas cards, metalic, canvas and much more. Ask me for details and prices.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

B.N.R.2 Photo Shoot - Wheeler Farm

This was my second photo shoot at Wheeler Farm today. It was TONS of fun AND beautiful! I could take pictures there all day long. If any of you want me to take your pictures there while the leaves are changing, let me know.

What a cute family if I do say so myself!

Every single picture I took of this guy turned out awesome. He is quite photogenic.

Ironically, this picture was at the very end and the kids were playing on a saddle and I snapped pictures of them as they were playing. This is why I love doing lifestyle photography. You just get those random pictures that turn out so wonderful.

Check out my Flickr account for more pictures. Here is the link:

B.S.M. Photo Shoot - Wheeler Farm, Family, Portrait, Lifestyle

I had my first opportunity to do a photo shoot at Wheeler Farm today. It was incredibly beautiful. I couldn't believe it. There were lots of people with the same idea. I had to laugh that as I went to different spots and had my subjects pose, I noticed that different photographers would follow me around and do the same things as I was doing. Same poses too! I guess that is a complement. It really helps to have nice looking subjects.

I just love the way the fall colors come alive in these pictures. They are so vibrant.

Don't you love those dimples? I hear he gets his way when he flashes that smile.

This guy is a little stud! Look at how G.Q. he is.

Of course I have to include my standard "Sample Page" to show the different styles I can do to any picture.

There are more pictures over at my Flickr account. Follow this link:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

B.N.R. Photo Shoot - Western Springs








This photo shoot was done at the pond at Western Springs.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Photography Locations - Salt Lake County and Surrounding Counties

Trail up Butterfield Canyon

I was wondering if anyone was interested in sharing ideas about great photography locations in Salt Lake County (or surrounding areas)? I am the type of person who loves to share. I also love it when other people share. As you can see on the right side of my blog (a bit lower) I have labels, which I post EVERY location of EVERY photo shoot. Many times, people have asked me how to get there and I can give them specific directions or addresses(sometimes they are even in the comments section). The thing about locations is (as you photogs know) it is easier to do a photo shoot at a specific location, after you have have done a photo shoot there. If it is your first time at a location, it helps if you can atleast see what someone else has done.

So I have been slowly compiling a list of places I hear about or have used. Here are a few hot spots that I have used and LOVE:

-Murray Park if your clients want flowers, trees, grass, river and bridge. Will be a fun place when the leaves fall and even snow.
-Sugar Factory in West Jordan if your clients want Urban, warehouse, old bricks, etc. Doesn't matter what time of year, if you want warehouse shots.
-Daybreak Lake if you want river, lake, bridge, cat tails,
-Butterfield Canyon if you want trees, flowers, foliage. Excellent for fall leaves and snow.
-Memory Grove if you want flowers, trees, grass, river and bridge. Great place when the leaves fall or with snow.
-Thanksgiving Point has lots to offer, but I think they want you to pay and register.
-Ogden 25th Street
-Pierpont Avenue, downtown Salt Lake City
-Gardner Village

Here are a few locations on my list, but I haven't been to yet:
-Antelope Island
-Echo Resevoir
-Rockport Resevoir
-East Canyon State Park
-Park Meadows Country Club (Park City)
-Homestead in Midway
-Pineview Resevoir
-Silver Lake by Brighton Ski Resort
-This is the Place Monument
-Red Butte Garden (by UofU)
-Sugar House Park
-East Canyon (up Parleys)
-Immigration Canyon
-The Grove (in Pleasant Grove)
-Granite Park
-Western Springs Park in Riverton

Please let me know if you use any of these. I would like to see how they turn out.

If you need specific directions to any I have shot at, just ask me. I love comments.

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

S.M.S. Photo Shoot - Family Pictures, Fall Leaves, Butterfield Canyon

Tonight I did a photo shoot up Butterfield Canyon. If you want some fun fall pictures, you better get up there quickly and early in the evening. The sun sets fast up there. We almost didn't have enough time to take the pictures. I had to turn up my ISO a bit on these because the sun had set. Anyway, they turned out great I think.

I love the way the fall colors pop and surround them. The colors they chose to wear look so great in this setting!

Another fun family pose.

What a cute couple. I also posted a picture of them kissing here on my Flickr account.

After the family pictures were done, we sat and talked, but I kept the camera going. I was able to snap a few fun pictures of the kids.


And finally, here is the sample page. I just love to see the variations and how they change the pictures.

There are a few more pictures on the Flickr account that I didn't post here. Check them out HERE.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

J.A.G. Photo Shoot - Part II - Murray Park - Babies, Kids, Family Photography, Lifestyle Photography

Here is Part II of the J.A.G. photo shoot yesterday at Murray Park.

This first picture is the one that I previously said was my favorite picture in the previous post. I loved it so much, I decided to make the sample page from this picture. The styles can be seen individually at my Flickr account.

Here is another one of this bright eyed little girl on her white blanket.

After the photo shoot, we were talking as we went to the car and the mom expressed her interest in some of the "Story Boards" I have done in past postings. I didn't specifically take any series pictures with that intent. Fortunately, when I was downloading and editing these pictures, I found two series that would work. The one above, the boy is spinning on the playground equipment, and the one below is the boy throwing the ball. They both turned out quite nice.

IMG_7713 Storyboard-600

This was quite a fun photo shoot, and I especially loved taking pictures of the baby girl. She really is easy to photograph, as well as the whole family.

There are many more pictures at my Flickr account.

J.A.G. Photo Shoot - Part I - Murray Park - Babies, Kids, Family Photography

Here is the first installment of the photo shoot I did yesterday morning at Murray Park.


I love how brother is tenderly kissing his baby sister.

This little girl has amazing eyes, AND her mom knows how to dress her! She is cute!


These two kids are so cute together. They sure do love each other!

And for my favorite....... See below!

Isn't she just adorable? More to come later (assuming I get some time to do some post processing). I just had to post my favorites first!