Sunday, October 4, 2009

J.A.G. Photo Shoot - Part II - Murray Park - Babies, Kids, Family Photography, Lifestyle Photography

Here is Part II of the J.A.G. photo shoot yesterday at Murray Park.

This first picture is the one that I previously said was my favorite picture in the previous post. I loved it so much, I decided to make the sample page from this picture. The styles can be seen individually at my Flickr account.

Here is another one of this bright eyed little girl on her white blanket.

After the photo shoot, we were talking as we went to the car and the mom expressed her interest in some of the "Story Boards" I have done in past postings. I didn't specifically take any series pictures with that intent. Fortunately, when I was downloading and editing these pictures, I found two series that would work. The one above, the boy is spinning on the playground equipment, and the one below is the boy throwing the ball. They both turned out quite nice.

IMG_7713 Storyboard-600

This was quite a fun photo shoot, and I especially loved taking pictures of the baby girl. She really is easy to photograph, as well as the whole family.

There are many more pictures at my Flickr account.

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