Thursday, March 5, 2009

More practice with the new lense

I don't have a lot of time to practice with my new lense right now, but here are some shots I got the other day.


Sometimes the kids just strike a pose and tell me to take a picture. This one above was like that.


This one was amazing. The light was coming through the window just right so I could get some "catch lights" in her eyes. She had so much fun changing her pose each time I snapped the shutter.


This one also has the wonderful "catch light" but her fingernails are brighter and more colorful. I just love using natural light. Flashes tend to wash out parts of the picture, but if you can take pictures next to a window with lots of light, it is just perfect. Just adjust the aperture and shoot away!


I just couldn't pass this one up. She had her hands and legs crossed perfectly to dislplay her newly painted nails!


I did a little "Lomo" editing on this photo. It turned out pretty good.


Here is the same picture SOOC (Straight out of camera). I think it turned out pretty good. No editing needed (that is why I tried the Lomo editing to change it to a different style).

Overall this was a fun evening of photography. I hope to have more opportunities like this. Unfortunately since I am working long tax season hours, I may not get to many opportunities like this until after April 15th.


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Maryann said...

You sure have fun (even in the rough tax season). David and Rebecca wanted to bring you cookies today when we were thinking of people to take cookies to. I wish we could have come and visited.